Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Long Run Video...

I made a little video of my 12-mile long run on Saturday... I'm working on a more substantial post but hopefully this holds you over for the present! :)

This is the first film that I've written, produced, directed, and starred in. It's a pretty big deal ;)

I do realize it's tiny and poor resolution... Still learning how to make movies!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

First "Long Run."

Today I headed out for my first long run of the cycle - officially only 15 weeks until race day. That's hard to believe.

There's nothing terribly exciting about today's long run to report. The weirdest/most unusual thing was the weather. It was about 60 degrees and VERY windy/drizzly/gray for my entire run. This is pretty odd for southern Ohio when it's almost July.

It's been a long time though since I've ran up to 8 miles, and even longer since I've ran 8 outside, so my body was feeling it, especially the hills. My arms and back are sore from swimming yesterday - which I didn't expect. The first few miles of this run were slow and my calves were feeling cramped, but once I got going I fell into "race pace" towards the end - which was great. Prior to the run I had a small piece of toast with pb & banana - my regular pre-run fuel from last summer's training.

Race Across America came through my town yesterday for the most part, but there were still some stragglers coming through today and I saw them and their crews during my run. It was really motivating to see that and I cheered for them as we passed each other.

As I mentioned, I went swimming yesterday during lunch! I only had time to swim for about 25 minutes, but it felt really great. I just can't get over how slow I am. Sometimes I think about the time cut-offs for big triathlons - especially full and half Ironman triathlons (because those are my goals!) - and I am just not close enough at all. Luckily I have lots of time (years probably) before any of those types of events to improve, but it can be discouraging! 

All things pink.

After my run this morning I did something I never do and made pancakes (with mix that Alex gave me when he was getting rid of stuff during his move this summer) with fruit and homemade whipped cream. And maple syrup. And a scrambled egg on the side.

I need to work on my food pics.

Now I've got to do some stretching and study for the GRE before I head to work for the afternoon.

Have a wonderful weekend :)